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Makizawa :

"Thank you for the giveaway! I've got Valve Complete Pack for free!! :3

Edrio :
United States

"It works! Thank you for the Counter-Strike Complete ^_^"

Steve Marley :

"Thank you for the Garry's Mod :D "


"I thought this site was a fake but NO! I got Outlast for free! :)) "

Michael F. :
United States

"Whhat a great giveaway site! would give 5/5 star for you! thank you for the $25 Roblox Gamecard!"

Rudor :

"Thank you for Counter-Strike 1.6!!"

Azabrog :
Unknown Country

"Ce site est fiable, j'ai obtenu Watch Dogs gratuitement!!!"

Ryan_Drea :
United Kingdom

"Thanks you for the game! Now i can play the rust game :D"

Chucky :
United States

"Well done.. Already redeemed 2 games at the moment L:D"

Perrobas :

"I got Dead Island , already redeemed it and i still download the game data! thank you very much! =D"

Abdelhay :
United States

"I got free Far Cry 3!! :***"

GamerStew :
Unknown Country

"Got outlast key :D Thank you!!!"

Ryad :

"I got Dead Island key less than 5 minutes!! :P"

Kvalovic Tytod :
United Kingdom

"Well done, I've got DayZ steam key recently thanks anyway! :*"

Pamiu :

"I recommend this site! just got The Walking Dead for free C:"

P.Nickeki :
Unknown Country

"Well , the steam key is work great! Many thanks! :D already got 3 games at the moment!"

Nicky Panderson :

"WOW! i've just got a game! :o i thought this was a fake site but it does not! :DDD"

Sweden :

"Thanks! i can't describe with words what i was feeling right now! :) Already redeemed GTA V !!"

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